I want to introduce myself first, before presenting you my development to nudism. My name is Didier.

I’m french, so please excuse me, my english can comprise some blunders… I am 25, male, soon married, and I Have been living in French-speaking Switzerland for roughly 3 years now. I was born in a family, in which the idea of nudism itself is regarded as a pervert thing. Hence, I hadn’t even heard about nudism or naturism before the age of 12. I have also never seen my parents, or any member of my family, nude.
Everything commenced in 1991, in the summer. I was then only 12.
I still remember some rather amusing things in this TV programme : everybody was completely nude, including all the guests along with the mayor of the village, but not the priest ! The husband was wearing only a hat and also a butterfly-node, and the spouse just a wedding voile. This TV report interested me, and for the very first time, I thought about going nude…
The following night, I then tried to sleep bare for the first time in my life. I didn’t sleep a lot during that night ! I was cold, and wondered what could occur if my parents came into by bedroom and noted that I was naked. But anyhow, I found it quite good, since I felt uncommonly free (I normally slept in pyjamas until then). The day after, my parents were away again, and I strove to stay bare the whole day. As the weather was hot, it was a superb day. I did all the normal items in the nude, and this was incredibly plesant. The evening, when my parents came back, I was quite depressing to need to wear my shorts and T-shirt again. The drug of nudism had found me, and I’m still addicted to it !
But as I still dreaded the possible reaction of my parents, I didn’t sleep in the nude every night. But from then on, when the weather was hot enough, I tried to remain nude as long as possible when my parents were away.
About one year after, I had abandonned my pyjamas, and I was slepping nude more and more often. One morning, my mom, who came every morning to awaken me, detected my pyjamas, and that I was slepping naked. But surprisingly, she did not have an extremely negative reaction. She was quite surprised, but after I ‘d explained her, that I couldn’t bear pyjamas, T shirt and chemise during the night, she agreed with me and accepted my sleeping nude. The first victory ! The life continued so, sleeping nude, and remaining nude at home whenever possible. Two years after (in 1994), I liked to attempt to be naked outside for the very first time. I had the chance that there were little woods near the building where we were dwelling. One day (not particularily hot…), I went out, into these woods. I went back to the place where I played before, and I took all my clothes off. The feeling of independence was remarkable…
Throughout that period also, I attempted to go without panties. I did it a couple of times, but quickly stopped as, although I recognised it was more comfy, I couldn’t keep my penis to erect at any time, and my erections were plainly seeable. During the summer 1996, I made an important measure : I revealed to my mother, that I needed to stay bare at home. One day, while she had gone away for a few seconds, I went into the bathroom to take a bath, but before, I wrote a little message describing that, when I’d go out of the bath, I’d remain bare because I felt better like this.
When she came back, she first refused, but I told her that there would not be any way that I’d affirm because I did not enjoy it, and she accepted that I remained bare. She revealed herself as being more open-minded than what I really could believe… So, I spent almost one month nude, only swearing when my dad was at home, and even, only when I stayed with my parents… The rest of the time, I stayed naked in my bedroom. It was among the greatest summers I’ve ever had !
After this summer, I went to high school in Lyon (in ‘Classes Prparatoires’, a high-level scientific qualification after the ‘Baccalaurat’). I needed to share my room with 3 roommates, so I was kept to sleep naked during one year, except during the week end and holidays, when I came back home. It was the last time I ever wore something to sleep.
As this wasn’t far from dwelling (50 km), I went there on my bike. The very first time, there were no nudists as the small lakes and shores were overcrowded (it was the 15-August week-end). But the next time, there was nobody… I stopped, installed myself in a little isolated grass area, and got bare. For the first time in my life, I was naked in public, with others who could see http://crazypublic.com . I loved 2 wonderful hours. I went back there fairly regularly during the next 4 years, with great experences, and much more bad ones…
For the good ones, I will mention that I Have meet my first nude girls here 🙂 I also spent many hours here, completely naked, reading a book or enjoying the silence and also the landscape. Lots of people could see me, but noone had a negative reaction, as nudism was fairly weel tolerated in this place except during the week-ends in the midst of the summer.
But I also found, for the first time, that nudism may also be associated to sexual perversion… Lots of homosexuals are accustomed to meet around these lakes, nor wait to attempt to have sex with any naked man they see… I needed to reject them fairly regularly, and I had usually no difficulty, but I eventually ceased to go there when I met my girlfriend (and future wife), to prevent additional troubles.
I attempted to go to plenty of other “nude areas” in the area, but they were ultimately all gay meeting points. I didn’t go there again… In 1998, I settled in Grenoble, to enter an engineering school. For the first time in my entire life, I ‘d my own “flat” (in fact, a student room at the first floor, facing a road, with 3 neighbours). I started to stay nude here more and more often, only swearing for going out (in class or to ride on my bike), or to draw something in the common icebox on the balcony (1 for 4 rooms).
I never had the courage to tell my neighbours that I was a nudist, not knowing what their reactions could be : French people are quite less open-minded as anglo-saxon ones towards nudism, and nudism continues to be like a taboo in France… So, during 2 years, I had to keep my windows shut, then secluding myself a bit… I also documentated myself a lot about nudism on Internet in these times, which encouraged myself into going on practicing this “closet nudism”. The 3rd year in Grenoble, I’d went into a larger room, at the 6th floor, whithout direct neighbours, so I stayed increasingly more naked. I even started to do the cooking in the common kitchen in the nude (when there were nobody), or walk between my room along with the showers in the nude. Constantly fearing to be discovered… In April 2001, on an extremely small climbing road with no traffic, I even tried once to ride on by bike in the buff, during about 10 kilometers. That was a fantastic experience, but I did not have the chance to try once again…
My advancement in “total nudism” went on in Lausanne. There is, not far from here, on the shore of Leman Lake, a little public seashore, where nudism is allowed. It is there that I ‘d my first actual nudist experience in public, without dreading homosexual advances, during summer 2003. I truly enjoyed it, and I now wait for the heat once more to spend new great times on that shore, with my girlfriend, who I am trying to convert to nudism additionally. A few months before, I decided once again that I would not wear underwear anylonger. I packaged all my panties in a bag, and kept them in an inaccessible location (except one chemise for total importance cases). As my penis is currently much more quieter, there is no trouble whatsoever, and I now never wear panties, under almost any clothes, including jeans that I wear the majority of the time.
My girlfriend does the same, and does never wear panties either; though she is still not actually converted to nudism, she appreciates the comfort of not wearing any. So goes my nudist life, slowly but surely. The following steps will be :
First, the conclusion of the conversion of my girlfriend (who’ll be my wife afterward) to nudism; I understand she will do it, as she is not opposed to this idea, but it’ll definitely take a lot of time until she is as comfortable with nakedness than I ‘m… Afterward, spend holidays in nudist resorts. I am hoping this may become the truth next year. Well, that is all; Thanks to all the people who had the courage to read my litterature until here

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