I remember as an early adolescent visiting the creek close to where I was.

residing and wading in the creek with just shorts and shoes on. This occurred frequently during the summertime before the creek would dry up. Some years it did run year round. But I was by myself and there was a nice deep pool and so I stripped down and had my first skinny dipping experience. After that on occassion I’d strip and enjoy wading and swimming in the creek. Didn’t do much in my later teenage years. I still enjoyed being naked and slept nude some of the time, but not substantially outside nudism.
I do recall when I was about 20 going with a friend on a road trip. There were three of us and we’d camped along the Colorado river in souther Utah. We ended up going skinny dipping and then hanging out round the fire naked. Was an extremely fun experience.
Not much happened after that and with getting married and working on the career, did not think much about nudity or find means to love a nudist lifestyle. But I did go camping with my wife when I was about 35 and we found a little time to be nude collectively outside, mainly for some sexual play and I found I enjoyed remaining bare after we’d played around. I had a couple showers in this excursion simply standing outside in the sun and pouring the warm water over me and then letting the sun dry me off. It was great. After this, when I went for hikes in the mountains and was alone, I would strip down and do some freehiking.
My transfomation to societal nudity was really going to hot springs when I had a opportunity. At first I always wore a swim suit and also would remove it when I was alone. The time in the hot springs naked was much nice than needing to wear a swimsuit. Once a lady came to the springtime and I ‘d put my swim suit back on when I saw her coming along the trail. But she came up and we talked for just a bit. She went behind a rock to modify into http://peenudist.com , but didn’t try to actually conceal nicely. I could easily tell what she was doing. But she came back and we spoke for awhile and she brought up the proven fact that it was good if I needed to be clothing optional in the spring. I think she had seen me sitting there naked before I had detected her. So I removed my swimsuit to try it out and to see what it’d be like to be nude in mixed company and I believed she desired to remove her swim suit.
But she never did take off her suit in the spring. But I was quite comfortable being bare even with her not that way. When she got out to leave, she didn’t bother to go behing the rock to change, but only put on her clothing next to the spring. So it was a very non-sexually charged encounter and my beginning to enjoying social nudism. Had many more times of appreciate a bare soak in a hot spring in mixed company and much prefer that over wearing swimsuits.
Now if I could just get the wife to be a bit more at ease with this, we could really have some amazing trips when we travel. She is slowly joining me at times, but for the most part doesn’t want to be naked around other people. But she has gotton to the point of being nude considerably more than she used to around the house and even if we’re alone at a beach or boating. She may not completely join me being bare, but does go topless sometimes and does not think I am strange for enjoying being nude like at first. She believed that only perverts would appreciate being bare, but now she is able to comprehend why it isn’t a sexual or a perverted thing. I am looking forward to some warm weather again along with http://nudist18.com to be outside in the nude.

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