Ever since I was a child I was interested in the naked body.

My curiosity started from seeing a shower curtain in my parents bath room that had http://x-nudism.com on it. Then I saw my grandfather walking naked to the bathroom, when my grandparents stayed at my parents house for a visit.
I believe my mom was or is into nudism, because she did not wear knickers, instead she wore pantyhose. I believe my parents may have tried swinging, because one morning we children discovered a pin-the-boobs-on-the-smasher poster still hanging on the den wall from one of their celebrations they had the night before. Me and my brother would also look through my father’s playboy magazines while our parents were out shopping.
All these things made me interested but mainstream society depicted nudist as quacks, and the human body as smelly and filthy.
But I found out later in http://beach-photos.com is because of bacteria that grows in wet shadowy areas, like parts of the body that sweats a lot, and are covered by clothing.
To prove that point,I was told by a doctor while I was enlisted in in the military, to get rid of this recurring rash I had between my legs, was to wear no pants in my room when I was alone.
A another thing that pulled me nearer to nudism was the naked travel magazines I would see in book stores.

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Well, I started nudism with skinny dipping, and bare hike at golf courses through the night. Subsequently I began roller blading and cycling naked on bike trails early in the morning while it was dark out.
I then graduated to hiking nude during the day in woods and parks.
I now wear clothing when I ‘ve to to function in a clothed society.
I don’t have any shame in nudism because I believe we were created by a God
and not the consequence of evolution,and that he made every living thing, and then he created man and his wife. He demanded them to be fruitful and multiply and fill the world, and have dominion over all of the world. As well as the guy and the girl were naked and had no shame.
The next reason I have no shame is because all of God’s creature are naked. I actually don’t see them crafting themselves clothed, or attempting to conceal their bodies out of shame.
What I’d like to investigate next is social nudism. The only thing that is holding me up with this particular adventure is most of the nudism resort around here charge $80 to spend one day at their resorts.
The second problem is a lot of resort don’t enable single men.


    Cedrick Birkner

    both decent but the brunette is so much hotter/cuter than the blonde


    The lady has some potential, but this series of photos suck.

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