Driving naked is like having a mobile nudist resort! I mean

, I guess this is obvious but I liked to chime in with something to let everyone know I was reading along, following the thread.

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Night is the greatest for low visibility by taller passing vehicles, but I never thought of driving nude during a rain storm!

Does anybody rely on bare driving as a means for remaining alert while on LONG road trips?

Also, http://modestperson.com of the fact that if I was ever stopped and didn’t have time to put shorts on without being clear about it, that “technically” being nude in my car is legal. By this I mean, in order for a law to be broken there would have to be a complaint from a different citizen. Right? If the patrol car is the same height as my own vehicle and there’s NO OTHER REASON for me to be stopped, then why would the patrolperson consider I was nude? It is not like there’s a enormous “trend” of folks driving nude, bottomless, or topless, right?

Since I am a guy it’s equally as likely that I was simply driving with my top off. If the officer cannot see you nude, then technically they don’t have any reason to suspect it.

So if my license license plates are present, I am not speeding, all security equipment is working (blinkers, etc.). I sign correctly and I’m wearing my seatbelt, then I should not be stopped. Unless, with this being Memorial Day Weekend, I get pulled over into a increased enforcement all vehicle test lane.

Obviously, the overhead traffic cameras may introduce an issue too, and I think they are starting to get high-resolution cameras for these goals.

Nonetheless, in the event an officer of the law approached my vehicle and http://mon-blog-gay.net had shorts draped over my lap, and was thus technically NOT nude, then would it be sarcastic to inquire, ‘What appears to be the matter Policeman, Sir?’ In the hope that he or she’d need to generate another valid reason for stopping me, and additionally they couldn’t just respond with, ‘It seemed as though you might be driving naked, Sir.’ (again, which I usually do not believe is cause enough to stop someone)

Of course they could always say, ‘We had a complaint from another motorist of a driver in a vehicle similar to yours without clothes on.’ and this might be close enough to the truth as to “fly” in a only-need-to-get-my-monthly-quota ticket writing scenario.

Even being stopped for any other reason, if found in the nude, I believe every motorist should get the right to dress before departing their vehicle to comply with roadside sobriety tests. As you can tell from this I’ve never been stopped for this type of test in my 28 years of driving.

(hmmm, perhaps there’s even a law enforcement officer in the audience who could comment on the technicalities of bare driving…)


“Why didn’t I think of going naked sooner?!”

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