MI figure I’ll do my first posting here since it asks about another first time thing. Ok

, I am Nathalie and my first ever time going extremely nude with others about was two years back when I was in high school. Four classmates and I went out to this small lake on one of the boy’s grandmother’s farm to go swimming during the summer (clearly). All 3 of us girls had swimsuits under our shorts and tops so it didn’t start out to be a skinny dipping trip, just a spot to swim. The two guys had cutoff jeans shorts and tshirts and they were planning to swim like that (minus the shirts). Anyway, after we were there for awhile we genuinely enjoyed it because nobody was around and it was like a private little lake on private property. One of the boys was joking and said he should have brought some cards so we could play strip poker and among the other girls said you don’t want cards to play strip poker, you can do Rock/paper/scissors and the loser has to take something off each time. The winner can challenge anyone they want to. The more they talked about it the more they behaved like they were actually going to do it. I was the quietest because I was probably most self-conscious of the whole group and also I was http://partnerpost.net about myself to the point I even dreaded taking showers in gym class in front of other girls.
They eventually determined that one boy and one girl (fortunately not me at first) would do the rock/paper/scissors thing and we’d play until somebody lost all their clothes. It could not take long for SOMEONE to lose because I figured the girls are all wearing a two piece swimsuit and the men either had one or two pieces of clothes on, I didn’t know if they were wearing pants or not.
Anyway, to dash it up, the boy lost the very first round but when he took off his shorts he still had undershorts on. So that the girl challenged the same one again to try and get him completely nude but he won the second time so she had to take off her top, and so it went. Each time something came off it was thrown up on the stone in the border of the lake so it wouldn’t get lost in the water. The humorous part was everyone was standing in water pretty much up to their torso so the guys were pretty well hidden when they got naked as well as the girls just kind of bent their knees enough to keep the water level higher than their breasts when they got their tops off. Everyone continued to play until everyone was bare and I truly felt fairly giddy about it and actually enjoyed how it felt to be outside with absolutely nothing on.
The swimming and horsing around was fun and the longer we were there the less everyone tried to conceal under the water.

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By the time we had to get out of the water and leave, all five of us were standing naked upward on the rock together remembering our swimsuits and tops without making any attempt to cover ourselves with our hands.
It was rather unusual to me to comprehend that I felt LESS self-conscious standing with 2 guys and 2 other ladies totally nude on that rock than I did in the school shower with girls in my personal gym class.
Since I was 17 then I didn’t get a opportunity to go bare in public again until I’d graduated from http://macgallery.net and began in faculty. On Spring Break nine of us went to St. Martin and spent 5 days at Orient Beach last year and that was the most fun yet!
If nothing else, I Have learned that milfs on the beach , pale, lanky red-headed lady does not look any worse naked than I do in a swimsuit, so why trouble to wear one? I am hoping this bill is acceptable with everyone and I’m not breaking any rules or whatever. THANKS!

I just returned from a fantastic week at Club Orient on St. Martin. The first morning I was there

I got up a little before sunrise, so I went out onto the beach. After watching the sunrise, I chose to take a walk up the shore. As I walked a discovered that there were other naked and textile folks ahead of http://nudismnudist.com . Since I was uncertain in the event the whole seashore was clothing-optional I presumed the others ahead of me knew, and that if they could do it I could too. I walked youngest nudist photos to the north end of the shore.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Since I had started out at our waterfront chalet, right next to the Papagayo restaurant, I’d walked almost 1 1/2 miles.

On the return trip as I approached the Club Orient section of the beach I noticed three guys in what I supposed were authorities uniforms standing in the parking lot next to the beach watching my approach. As I drew near one of them started walking in my way. Uh oh, this can’t be great I thought.

Although the cop didn’t talk English he used enough English words to get me realize that I wasn’t supposed to be bare on the section of beach from which I had merely come. He was not acting like he was going to arrest me so I believed that it I acted sufficiently contrite he’d let me be on my way, which he did.

It was a good thing for me that he did because except for a gold string I was wearing I had certainly nothing with me. No identification, no cash, no credit cards, no nothing. I had left essentially all my possessions behind, and really it felt delightful. I had rambled about a mile into “textile nation” fully naked. No one seemed to care, and beach hunters had a ball. Ignorance really is bliss.

Afterwards I went back to see whether there had been a signal signaling the end of the clothing-optional beach, however there was none. There is a hint facing north that indicates the beginning of the Club Orient nude beach, which I imagine one could interpret as also being the end of the non nude beach.

The sole other time during the week that we put http://nudismgirls.com on was when we wandered up the beach again to go para sailing. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Club Orient and highly recommend it. We also highly recommend the Tiko-Tiko cruise to Tintamarre. It was our first time at Club Orient, but it won’t be the last.

My first at home nudist encounter was when i was about 13 and my parents had gone

out leaving me home alone for the very first time. I remember seeing something about nudism on the internet and really thought I had give it a go at home.

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I ‘d consistently been more likely run around http://crazypublic.com , and in my family it was no big deal to go from the shower to your room nude. But this was the first time i was bare all around the house. young nudist pic felt odd at first but soon i got used to it, and pretty much did it every chance i got.
My first public bare encounter was last year at playalinda beach in florida. I ‘d never been to a nudist place before cause I never actually had the opportunity. I grew up near a nudist club called penn sylvan however they wouldn’t allow singles in, so I never went. as soon as I went to college, there were no nudist areas around so I never got to go afterward. Then when I entered the actual word I have had many chances to go to http://nudiststeen.com through the years, but have never had the guts to go. I have been scared that I’d be bored and I’ve learned the owners can be a bit excentric to single guys.
So a nude beach when I went to florida last year was the first opportunity to go in a public setting. I figured that if I didnt enjoy it I’d only leave cause it doesnt cost any money of course. Thus, I went and it was excellent. I had an excellent time… i was a bit nervous initially, spent alot of time on my towel. But eventually I overcame the anxiety and relaxed and had a great time. I never wanted to leave. I ended up staying nude as http://nudists-video.net as I could.
So I imagine both my experiences were very favorable. I hope to get to WTP sometime this year, to experience a club type feeling.

While in school, I went with some friends from my dorm to a shore just south of Santa Cruz.

It wasn’t a nude beach and my friends and I didn’t go naked, but there were several other people who were bare. It was apparent that the skinny dippers were having a great time and didn’t care who else saw them. This was a brand-new concept for me. There was no “You show me yours and I’ll show you mine” quid pro quo, that is the way I comprehended nudist parks to function. The attitude was ” http://macdollars.net am going bare because I appreciate it and everyone else can just deal with it.”
I did not go naked that day because I did not know what the disposition of my friends would be toward it. It wasn’t until a couple of years after when I had access to a car that I went to Bonny Doon Beach just north of Santa Cruz. I’d gone alone that day but there were lots of others on the beach and the majority of them were bare. I didn’t have any important anxieties about taking my clothes away, but I was reassured to find that nobody was laughing and pointing and that I did not have any difficulties suppressing my degree of arousal. I found that within a couple of minutes I was able to relax and just love being on the shore. There were a completely new chain of pleasant sensations such feeling the sunlight and also the wind all over my body and running along the shore and jumping in the water without a soggy bathing suit. The encounter lived up to my expectations. Afterwards, I’d visit nude beaches a number of times each summer whenever the opportunity availed itself.
I finally married a very proper woman who I met at church. I assumed at the time that we got engaged that I would be giving up nude beaches forever.

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Afterward, she told asian nudist how she and her sister grew up skinny dipping in their backyard swimming pool. A couple of months after we were married, I took my wife to Red, White, & Blue Beach in California. It absolutely was her first time nude on a beach and she totally enjoyed it. Now when we go on vacation, we seek out nude beaches and prefer to stay at nudist resorts. We now have a backyard swimming pool and use swimsuits only when we have visitors.

Hi, I haven’t yet had the nudist experience which I would call my first time coming out to the world and saying hi

I am a nudist, but am only 18 so I guess I have plently of time to, nevertheless I ‘ve had many occassions when I ‘ve purposely chosen to be nude and have truly appreciated it.

I have a fairly conservative upbringing however my parents viewpoint is basically that it is okay for individuals to see you nude, you should not be ashamedof your body, but you need to be clothed pretty much all the time, besides changing, showering etc.
I’ve only in the past six months I’ve started sleeping bare, I’ve found it quite confortable and clean and even sleep better, my parents have woken me up some morning, finding me bare, I utilized the justifications “i could not locate pj’s/boxers, hot night got really hot and itchy” etc, clearly I should have said, its more confortable, I sleep better, heaps of ppl do it, but being worried about their view of me I didn’t say the above.
About 3 months ago I went back to a mates house late one night with 3 women and 4 men (including me), all close firends, being summer we chose to go for a swim in his very warm pool. I guess the strategy was to swim in knickers but two of the girls said they weren’t keen because they didn’t have bras on, due to the dresses they were wearing, My male mate said, ive got my boxers but am going in naked cause this is precisely what im slepping in. A great explanation! and then my other friend said yeah im just going in in the nud, but you. One of my male mates got in (nude), the one of the girls suprisingly stripped down and dived in (she has a really comfortable style). I having swimmed nude in my own pool didn’t feel to uncumfortable and dived in.

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One of many girls believed it was kind of funny and got her bra off and jumped in (leaving her bottom panties on), followed by the other man (naked) and the past girl (in her knickers). It was great, there was tons of laughter initially and a bit of covering up,but soon everybody became more relaxed and we just spoke generally and swum about for hours. Although I estimate it was alcohol that played a role in individuals being so assured to simply dive in, including me, it was a great opportunity and excuse to do it. But the best part was that it was non sexual, just a group of mates loving there company, nude, there clearly was no questions asked or encouragement for the other two girls to strip completely, because it was an individual selection. Too often people believe that once you’ve gotten nude it’s to escalate to sex.
Another experience I had was in the country within our property, I was working out on the farm (middle of summer), and was extremly hot, there clearly was no near the home, so http://nudist-young.com/nudist-beach.html got nude and into the chilly spa,put on the jets, this proved to be a very relaxing experience. My father seemed out of no where and was pleased to see me in the spa and then noticed my knickers realising that I had just jumped in. He having been also working thought it turned out to be a great idea and also got in, covering http://beach-archive.com on the way in, and hiding under the bubbles. I was very pleased that he had done this, it appears that folks are willing to go naked in certain situations for example spaaing but not in the backyard, around the house, in the seashore etc which is a shame. I hope to find another reason to go bare and encourage men and women in my family to go naked.

Or perhaps Clothed in Bare business might better describe this event.

I was at Cypress Cove about 6 years ago, lounging in front of the Massage office by http://nudenudist.com . It was later in the day, midweek, only about five or six folks round the pool. A part of the staff came through, naked as I recall, as were all of the patrons by the pool. With him were what seemed to be four college aged pupils, all clothed. In listening to his conversation with them, it was apparent that they were conducting research for a project or report, apparently about nudism or nudist resorts.

They worked their way throughout the pool area, occasionally shooting photographs of the buildings and signage – the Clubhouse, Cheeks, the Gift Shop. Eventually they got to our side of the pool where myself and a couple were lounging in front of the Massage office.

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The staff associate promised us that we didn’t need to go, the students would have the ability to get the pictures they needed, and we would certainly not be in the shot.

There were two girls and two guys in the group. And it was quite simple to tell that the guys were incredibly uncomfortable being there. The girls looked a little more self assured and didn’t seem as uneasy. They didn’t linger, but shot a few pictures of the sign behind us and then left.

In this instance, the clothed people were a bit out of forms around the nude people. Just a little curious, a different angle on http://xelyd.com .

I think the most difficult one occurred shortly after we were wed.

My in laws lived nearby, and would regularly call in unannounced.

One sunny morning while I was working naked in beach milfs in law walked round the corner of the home, and was right near me before either of us had the chance to avert the situation.

http://wnude.com/nudist-teens.html stopped shovelling and tried to stand “strategically” whilst carrying on a somewhat aawkward dialog for some minutes.

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Then he went indoors to see my wife (his daughter). We (wife and I) laughed about it afterward, but it was never spoken of between me and F-i-L!

Strangest and most liberating was being in a peak of 4,300 naked people posing bare in central Melbourne for Spencer Tunick in October 2001 – at some point of the morning it occurred to me that whatever our race, we’re much more similar than we are different – a fairly serious and encouraging thought coming so recently after the horror of September 11!

Wrong Locker Room?

I have never done it, but I have been surprised by a girl in the wrong spot.

There were 4 high school boys who had come to swim in the gym with a few girl friends or sisters, and they were showering and steaming and taking their time to get done while the ladies got more and more impatient outside waiting to go home.

Eventually, one of the women threatened to enter to bring them. All four were buck naked, rare for http://atnudebeach.com in our locker rooms today, and thought the notion hilarious and so one of them told her to try it. They were still laughing their butts off when she did, and she got more than an eyeful.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

I have never seen such a change in mood – the four guys went into a whole tailspin, diving for cover and towels. She gave me a quick “sorry” on her way out, presumably http://voyzone.com embarrassed at having found someone apart from her four buddies in there.

Wow, the boys were worried. They didn’t find my lack of sympathy extremely entertaining, either. I think they were expecting I’d have been annoyed and kicked up a fuss and told the woman/s away and consequently given them something else to talk about instead of what I envision was a quiet ride home and much discussion at school the next day.